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Experts or Specialists in Trade Financing for Exporters & Importers, Insurance and Investment, Financial & Business Analytics,
Taxation, Debt Mgt , Accounting, clearing and forwarding, Cargo Handling, Project planning & Mgt, Baseline Surveying, payroll Management,Trainings, Contracting, Suppliers of Food and other supplies, Fruits, poultry items, grains & Cereals. Maize flour, Beans, Rice etc,Suppliers of Office Furniture,equipment& Machinery. And all online Business solutions.

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Our Services


Investment Club- Soliciting membership in  Investing Activities in Trading, Real Estates, Agriculture, Construction, oil and gas activities, Environment and eco-tourism

Projects- Online Restaurant, Shops, Poultry, Piggery,   goats, agricultural- Commercial production of Maize, soybeans, beans, Sorghum, Rice and G.nuts

Financial Services-Agency online Banking and Mobile Money Services, Online Payment solutions,

Imports and Exports- Importing of Agricultural inputs, improved seeds, animal feeds, Machinery and Equipment, and all farm supplies while stocking and exporting agricultural products to world markets.

Clearing and Forwarding- Facilitating Movement of Goods across borders by clearing customs and Organising Transport and make sure Items /goods are delivered according to plan.


Tax Advisory services

Business Finance and Accounting

Business managers and Administrators

Capacity Building and Business Developments

Project Management, i.e Research, monitoring & evaluation, Baseline surveying

Finance and Investment Analysts

Human Resource  

Environmental impact Assessments

Debt collection

Property Consultancy- Services like Property Management, Estate agency Services, and Facilities Management like cleaning services.

Agribusiness Management Services- Technical and advisory services in Agribusiness




Landscaping and Compound Designing

Interior designs


More of what we do

We offer  other different services to our esteemed clients and on request.

Community Empowerment

Through Trinidy Community Empowerment Uganda, our role is to ensure there is Livelihood improvement among the people by encouraging the youth and women to engage in income generating activities such as Commercial Agricultural Production, forming Farming groups.

At Trinidy Community Empowerment, We believe that building a functioning agricultural value chains is integral to achieving a socially and economically empowered Africa. Therefore, strengthening Agribusiness is a priority for us because it is essential for food and nutritional security.

Our key activities is enabling small holders farmers access financial support, skills development like undertaking skills impartation programs in modern agricultural practices, post-harvest handling, Farming as a Business, and financial literacy for farmers.

We enable farmers access land for farming, buy or hire, mechanization such as Tractors to increase their production and also access good markets for their production.


  • Venue location and hire.
  • Online registration and ticketing.
  • Entertainment hire.
  • Audio/Visuals.
  • Catering hire.
  • Cakes/ bakery
  • promotion.
  • Event management.
  • Media distribution and outreach.

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